Hannatul Alia

Hannatul Alia

Subang Jaya, Selangor

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Have a knack for making engaging talk, a film and art lover who enjoys Sudoku and reading during her leisure time. She believes that a cup of enthusiasm and a teaspoon of passion makes the quintessence of herself in finding new adventure and experience in life be it career or personal  aspect.  Hanna is a multi-passionate creatives that have a wild interest with the latest digital trends, policy, trending issues and ideas besides have a good following on several social media channels. A people's person who are ready to be adaptive and excellent communicator in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.


Studied in Diploma Communication and Contentpreneurship that covers from animation, gaming, graphics and social content. Build content planning and campaign from scratch to reach the target market and end goal of the project by maximising full aspect that suits with the algorithm, trends and demand of current market. 

Later on further her Bachelor Degree in Film Directing at Universiti Teknologi Mara  to create meaningful and impactful narrative, storyline, and cinematography  in short film or documentary. 


Did internship in media industry thrice for different roles and job scope. Started off as Business Development Executive for multi screen advertising agency, Clicks Communication Sdn Bhd. Followed by Social Media Editor Intern at Malaysiakini and lastly as Digital Experience Intern at Cult Creative. June 2021, Hannatul Alia begin her full time job as Client Care Executive at Standard Chartered GBS.

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