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About me:

➤ A critical & pragmatic Business Management first-class honours graduate from YPC International College in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University.

➤ Known to effectively lead, adapt to environment, critically evaluate, and organise & complete work/projects within stipulated deadlines. Has sufficient command of language to communicate effectively, and work fluently/cooperatively with colleagues, with the ultimate aim of delivering quality final product/project, customer satisfaction, and strategic improvement & long-term value creation to the company employed.

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➤ The BSc (Hons) Business Management is a 3-years UK business programme conducted locally at YPC International College in collaboration & awarded by Liverpool John Moores University.

➤ It is unique in that unlike other degrees, it offers 7 specialisation in the field of entrepreneurship, finance, international business, marketing, human resource management, project management and sustainability, to explore the practical, analytical, strategic planning and management skills required to create value for both businesses and customers.


➤ Also had 4-5 years of experience in full-time investing in KL Stock Exchange (KLSE), thus develop some understanding of financial market, financial analysis & ratios, some technical analysis, macro & micro economics, and international & local politics.

➤ Has experience in digital marketing & graphic design, and experience in variety of software such as Canva, Photoshop, Excels, Powerpoint, SPSS, Filmora, Orange, ChartNexus, to name a few.

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