Muhammad Adha Mohamad Salim

Cyberjaya, Sepang

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Age : 27
Driving License : B2, D
Language : Malay, English
Current Salary : RM 3,500


Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) - 2017
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Automotive) with Hons


Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) - 2019
Strategy and Policy Development Executive
❖ IT Software Development
• Autocheck System
• SMAT System
• AP Management System
Project coordinator, Project methodology (SDLC waterfall & agile), Project proposal, Project charter, Project milestone, Risk management (Risk map & Risk register), Schedule management (Gantt chart & PERT), Project task & activity (WBS), Procurement management (Vendor),Cost management (Cost Breakdown) & ROI (CBA), Project organization structure (Organization chart), Contract agreement & MOA, system terms and condition, Cost negotiation & product price, Requirement specification (URS, BRS, SRS), System process flow (flowchart & sequence diagram), System architecture, Design review (SDD), Monitor & control system development & payment gateway, Change request, Review test result (UAT & SIT script), Training session (admin & User manual / guide), Process payment client & vendor (PO, SO, invoice, receipt), Customer support, End User (Customs, MITI, AP holder, Vehicle dealer, consumer).
❖ Malaysian Standards (MS) Development
• MS Used Vehicle Evaluation
• MS Roadworthiness Inspection
• MS Motor Vehicle – Sales
• MS Motor Vehicle – Smash Repair
Project coordinator, New proposal, Schedule, Review & select expert’s resume / CV, Research (ISO, UN regulation, Oversea standards, research paper), Standards document draft (Scope, Code of ethics requirement, Structural requirements (Administrative requirements, Organisation and management, Management system documentation, Control of documents, Management review), Resource requirements (Personnel & Facilities and equipment), Process requirements (Operation methods and procedures, Handling, Records, Transactional documents and warranty, Complaints management), Focussed group meeting (government, academia, industry, association), Arrange hotel & f&b, Process payment.

❖ National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) Development
• NOSS Used Vehicle Evaluation
• NOSS Accident Vehicle Repair Claim Advisor
Project coordinator, New proposal, Budget, Schedule,
Research (Technical standards, Industrial standards),
Standards document draft (Occupational Prerequisite,
Occupational Structure (OS), Occupational Area Structure
(OAS), Competency Profile Chart (CPC) Competency Profile
(CP), Curriculum of Competency Unit (COCU), Delivery
Mode, Tools, Equipment and Materials (TEM) Competency
Weightage), Focussed group meeting (government,
academia, industry, association), Review & select expert’s
resume / CV, Arrange hotel, f&b & token, Process payment,
Registration Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) for experts.
❖ Audit
• Certification MS 4R
• Certification MS 2S
• Remanufacturing Audit
Project coordinator, Budget, Schedule, Arrange auditor,
Arrange hotel, ticket flight & f&b, Process payment,
Invitation audit session, Audit on site or online, Compile &
review audit report (Marks, NC, OFI), Approval certification
(Sirim, Kiwa).
❖ Guideline Remanufacturing Industry (NRP action plan)
• Guideline R Logo & Labelling
• Guideline Core Importation
Project coordinator, Research (ISO, UN regulation, Oversea
regulation & policy, Oversea standards, Research paper),
Document draft (Scope, Outlook, Challenges,
Benchmarking, Value chain, Process, Safety guidance,
Responsibility), Focussed group meeting (government,
industry, association).
❖ New Industry Development (LEP action plan)
• Authorised Automotive Treatment Facility (AATF) or
End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV)
• Used Vehicle Evaluation (UVE)
• Remanufacturing parts & components
Project coordinator, Research (ISO, UN regulation, Oversea
regulation & policy, Oversea standards, Research paper),
Focussed group meeting (government, academia, industry,
association), Review business proposal / plan (location plan,
permission authority, Process ELV / Inspection /
Remanufacturing, Waste handling, Design layout,
Equipment), Development cost (CapEx, OpEx), ROI (CBA).

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