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About me:

I'm  motivate person , willing to do hard work , be positive in difficult situation , also focus in tidy work environment. Be supportive with team member.







a) Paramount University of Technology 

From : 2004 - 2006

Major : Degree in Engineering (Electrical & Electronic)

Result :3.40

b)Institute Technology Butterworth

From :1997 to 1999

Major : Diploma in Engineering (Electrical & Electronic)

Result : Testimonial 

c)Silicone Technology Center

From :1995 to 1996

Major : Basic Industrial & Radio Electronic

Result : Pass

d)Sekolah Menengah Dato Sagor

From :1991 to 1992

Major : SPM

Result : Failed




a)Company: Panasonic Solar Energy

Position: Supervisor

Job scope:

Year : Feb2013 to Aug2021
# In charge process and equipment to ensure all machine well performed as well safety.
# Coordinate daily activities to team production workers to ensure that manufacturing operations run according to the production plan, specification and quality standard.
# Train new workers in the production operating procedures and standard.
# Maintain safety and clean work environment by educating and directing the workers on the use of all equipment's.
# Have a good communication with all level and liaise with the relevant department from line to time to ensure smooth running of operation.

b)Company: AIC Semiconductor (M) Sdn Bhd

Position: Technical Specialist 

Year : Aug2008 to Jan2013

Job scope:

# To support production ensure that machine such as Wire bond ( Model KNS ultra & ASM ) and  Tester perform well before release to production.
# Maintain safe and clean work environment 
# Pass down information to shift (Technical Leader) to ensure follow up closely.
# Have a good communication with all level as well liaise with respective engineer.
# Assist engineer to support special task. 

# Successfully setup new program for new recipe ( Perform calibration, Ball Shear , Wire pull Test and optimize parameters.

c)Company: ASE Semiconductor (M) Sdn Bhd

Position: Process & Equipment Technician

Year : Aug2008 to Jan2013

Job scope:

# In charge of all type machine such as Pick and Place , Wire bond, Die attach, Back grind , Taping & Mounting 
# Support production to minimize downtime , improve yield perform troubleshooting.
# Create a continuous monitoring system and trigger in advance to minimize loss.
a) Continuous Improvement
# Improving process to ensure achieving of optimum performance output yield and work together        with vendor to improve machine.
b) Handle customer claims
# Prompt response to customer on product quality issue especially wafers related
# Responsible for incoming material quality.

d)Company: Robert Bosch (M) Sdn Bhd

Position: Debug Technician

Year : Jul1995 to June2000

Job scope:

# Responsible for assembly operation
# Setup Equipment , boards repaired (FM & AM) and functional testing
# Monitor machine performance & minimize machine downtime
# Support production by maximum daily output

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