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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am a person who are open to meet new people. I am eager in gaining and experiencing new knowledge, skills and abilities.

Throughout my internship I have been placed in few different departments which is Human Resource, Receptionist and Library. I am ready to share my knowledge and skills into new environment.


I am a graduate in Human Resource Development (Training & Development) at University Technology Malaysia. 

My course are majoring in employee training and development. Throughout my studies I have experienced in developing and handling few mock training and joined a social work. Besides that, I have learnt on human resource management such as recruitment and selection, employee benefits and Employment Act 1955.


I have experienced internship program and working as Human Resource Assistant in the same company. I have been absorbed as a staff in the company after my internship period ends.

Throughout my internship period and work experience I have been placed in few different job roles, by that way I have leant and develop many new knowledge that are probably nor related to my field of study. 

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