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About me:

 I am proactive and passionate about the workings of anything mechanical. My inquisitive nature and technical skills during practical sessions are well known in the eyes of my superiors. I am also highly adaptable, proactive and diligent, besides being a hard worker. I am also often praised by my peers for my creativity and perseverance in solving problems and conflicts, as I am a critical thinker and offer out of the box solutions. Hence, I believe that I will be an asset and a joy to work with if I am recruited. 



I am a third-year student from the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) course at Manipal International University (MIU), Malaysia.


I have experience before working as a cargo expeditor at Ternak Jaya Premium Livestock from 2015 to 2021. I was responsible for receiving the live shipment of goats, sheep and cattle from Australia for rearing and slaughter in farms all over West Malaysia. My job was to ensure that all livestock arrive healthy and uninjured with any mortality reported to my employer while ensuring that all the pallets were rightly loaded into their respective transports to the right farms. I was also held responsible for ensuring no mortality, damage to pallets or livestock and any mishaps during the distribution of livestock to the respective transports until out of bounds of the cargo area. I have gained invaluable experience by checking the manifest pallets and ensuring the right number of pallets have arrived from abroad.


I also have experience before working as a retail salesworker at Maxheal Pharmacy from January 2015 to June 2015. I was responsible for assisting the community pharmacists here by serving customers and answering basic queries related to their medications. I also promoted products in the pharmacy and helped to boost its sales during my working period. From this experience, I was well-trained in delivering great customer service, as I learned to handle the various attitudes of customers at the pharmacy. I also had the opportunity to gain an insight into pharmacy management, which indirectly helped me with my project management skills.


However, in the field of mechanical engineering, I have no previous professional experience. Hence, I am hoping to gain as much exposure as I can as this field is full of opportunity!

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