sonia puventheran

sonia puventheran

Alor Setar, Kedah

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About me:

My name is Sonia Puventheran 23 years old, I recently graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology majoring in Data Science


Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)-Majoring in Data Science. 

University Utara Malaysia 

  • Final Year Project Title: Dashboard for Social Media Marketing Analysis Between B2B Company (Pepsi vs Coca-Cola). Web-based system multi-user system and can be accessed by the public.

Final Year Project- Dashboard for Social Media Marketing Analysis Between B2B Company (Pepsi vs Coca-Cola).


  • This project is about analyzing the sentiment of the Twitter user and create a dashboard using the PowerBi tool.
  • The tweets data had been collected using the KNIME tool.
  • Using the KDD technique.
  • I also deal with cleaning data using R and create sentiment analysis using Python.
  • The best experience that I learn from this Final Year Project is that understand more how to deal with big data, preprocessing data, extract the knowledge from the raw data.
  • Future work: will create predict the sentiment score by using a machine learning model.



Skechers Aman Central, KEDAH

  • Responsible archive best sale and must be well communication in customer engagement.
  • The best experience that I get from this work is that I be more disciplined and be more confident to communicate with new people.
  • From this job also I learn how to deal with my colleague, and I can work under pressure.
  • Duration: 2017- 2021


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