Principal STEM Coach - Miri, Malaysia, Sarawak - GatedTalent - Connecting Top Executive Search Firms And Executives

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    Full time
    Qualifications & Experience

    • Academic background: Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field, or demonstrable technical (coding) skills.
    • Teaching experience: Minimum of 2 years of teaching experience, with a passion for nurturing the skills and minds of the next generation.
    • Goal-oriented mindset: Driven to achieve deliverables and committed to completing tasks efficiently, even if it means working outside regular hours.
    • Language proficiency: Fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia, with strong communication skills.
    • Digital proficiency: Proficient in using various tools for digital classrooms and lesson preparation.

    Tasks & Responsibilities

    • Lead a team of STEM coaches: Provide guidance and support to ensure effective student learning and address any arising issues promptly.
    • Oversee course structure: Optimize course structures to enhance learning objectives and ensure alignment with educational standards.
    • Develop new courses: Create innovative courses and lessons to generate additional revenue streams for the company.
    • Teach and facilitate classes: Conduct engaging online and offline classes, fostering an interactive and dynamic learning environment for students.
    • Improve operational efficiencies: Enhance operational processes to optimize student attendance tracking and progress reporting.