Phan Teng Fong

Phan Teng Fong

Petaling Jaya, Petaling

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About me:

My name is Phan Teng Fong and I grew up in a small neighborhood in Bandar Utama. 


I spent 2 years to finish my diploma in accounting and another 3 year for my accounting degree in the KDU University.


I took an internship in OSK Holding Berhad that has helped me to improve my self-confidence. 

I have worked as an accounting clerk in Sensation Network for a year. My job scope was to answer phone calls and responding to emails, to enter data from the payment detail in their accounting system, document filing, issue invoices so that merchant can prepare the payment, and prepare the official receipt & Credit Note if merchant requested. 

Sensation Network has taught me on how to deal with merchant. I was able to solve the issue with the merchants and polished my communication skills. I hope I can use this experience to provide the best possible experience for your clients.

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