Roger Lee Kuan Ren

Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang

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About me:

Think amiable, think me! I believe that in work, there are many responsibilities to undertake. With that, I’d love to always cultivate positive actions to better my efficiency, morale and also motivation. I strive to learn and grow. No matter the pressure, I’d mold it into a skillset. 


Upon concluding almost all of my modules in my Bachelors Degree in Business Management, I am proud of my progress and depth of understanding on the current business management stance. I partook in fun community projects, personal assignments and also a year long Final Year Dissertation.


Juspie MY (2021-Present) - Accounting

Conducted regular monthly book-keeping for the company to ensure no discrepancies within the accounts. 

Chomp! MY (2021-Present) - Founder

Partnered and formed a small business targeting the dog ownerdemography of Malaysia. Responsible for procurement, accounting, and B2C processes. 

Michelle's Sourdough (2019 - Present) - Management

Responsible for assisting consumer interactions and the B2C process of the goods. 

Freelance property agent (2019 - Present) - Marketing 

Done market research to determine the average price range forcertain unit of properties. Succeeded in completing two rental deals. 

Chapel Street Cafe (2017-2018) - Personnel

Assisted in inventory management. Published daily accounts(Opening and closing) and also coordinated petty cash on employee meals. 

Brown Poodle Cafe (2015-2016) - Personnel

Gained communication and coordinating skills while under the pressure of time. Understood the importance of punctuality and tolerance. 

Escape Theme Park (2015) - Internship

A compulsory module in Uplands placed me to work at the themepark for 4 weeks. Covered the F&B sector, Human Resource sector,and also got the opportunity to communicate with guests, hosting games.

What kind of projects is Roger Lee Kuan Ren looking for?

It is a lifelong dream of mine to be able to learn more about Logistics/Supply Chain Management. Now that I am afforded the ability to look for an internship under my university (Starting Jan 2022 onwards), I feel strongly that I have what it takes as I have a wide array of experiences in different job fields. My future career goal aligns strongly with this industry. I know about the basics of Logistics/Supply Chain Management, and even the newly researched blockchain applicability (Smart contracts).



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