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About me:

A result oriented professional working as Manufacturing Supervisor to lead the production line / area cross-functional team in safety producing high quality products on time for the customer at the lowest cost.

I am qualified in a field of Supply Chain Management. I hope with my experience what I have. I can fulfill the job as a team player, hard work, and good pay attention details, problem solving and quick learner.



Executive Diploma in Logistic and Supply Chain Management 

  • Merit


Western Digital Technology Malaysia

Manufacturing Supervisor

 Feb 2010 ~ Dec 2020 

As a supervisor, set priorities for the team, get results across boundaries, ensure an inclusive work environment, develop employees, and manage performance. Responsible for supervising the activities of product teams or staff in a manufacturing area. Assesses personnel and material levels to determine production schedules. Assigns personnel and monitors the flow of work in process through the manufacturing facility. 


Essential Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Responsible to supervise overall production area that consist SMT lines and mechanical assembly. 
  • Develop and implement action items to meet the production schedules, goals and objectives. 
  • Lead and coordinated a group of Leader and operators to meet production targets without compromising on quality. 
  • Responsible for labor planning and allocation between processes, line cleanliness, tardiness and training. 
  • Responsible to maintain inventory within plans (WIP).
  •  Attended to operator’s discipline issues such as absenteeism and violation of company rules and regulations. 
  •  Assisted engineers to implement line process changes or new implementations for improvements. 
  • Periodically audit production adherence to visual aids and standard instructions.
  • Train and re-train employees on how to safety use machinery. 
  • Communicates job expectations and provides feedback to management. 
  • Initiate, coordinate, and enforce systems, policies, and procedures.
  •  Leads by example learning and working 'hands-on' along with employees. 
  • Setting daily/weekly/monthly objectives and communicating them to employees. 
  • Plan, monitor, and appraise job results, by coaching, training, and counseling employees. 
  • Resolves personnel problems by analyzing data, investigating issues, identifying solutions, and recommending action. 
  • Hire, train, develop, motivate, and periodically do performance evaluations on Production employees. 
  • Evaluate each station of the manufacturing process to ensure maximum efficiency. 
  • Completes production plan by scheduling and assigning personnel, accomplishing work results, establishing priorities, monitor progress, and revising schedules as needed.
  • Plan, organize, direct and control daily production on all shifts. 
  • Apply Lean techniques to continuously improve quality and efficiency to implement cost reductions. 
  • Take responsibility for ensuring the Quality of all products produced. 
  • Identify issues in efficiency and suggest improvements 
  • Ensure all resources and assets are used efficiently and correctly. 
  • Communicate machine malfunctions, and escalates them to Maintenance 
  • Recommends procedures, systems, equipment, and machinery alterations to reduce cost, resolve problems, ensure production quality, reduce scrap, and improve production efficiency. 
  • Prepare and meet production schedules and employee work schedules Manage operating budgets to improve plan objectives 
  • Works as a team leader, not only for the shift, but also coordinates team effort with other Production Supervisors, Management, and HR.


BCM Technology

Production Supervisor -Assembly

 Feb 1996 ~ Dec 2009 

The Production Supervisor is responsible for the direct oversight, supervision, training, development and support of our production and material handling employees. Responsible for providing oversight, guidance, support and indirect supervision for shift maintenance support staff. The production supervision duties are mostly hands-on and direct in nature and require that substantial time be spent on the plant floor working closely and directly with all shift employees. The Supervisor is responsible for the safety of employees and visitors, the quality of products, efficient utilization of labor and operation of equipment, technical problem solving, elimination of waste, and continuous improvement.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Ensures shift employees are following safe work practices and procedures consistently and completely. Audits for compliance and addresses safety issues in a timely manner.
  • Day to day production line management (headcount, capacity, efficiency, delivery, quality, technical, process, procedure, setting up, training.
  • Establishing priorities, monitoring progress, revising schedule, assigning personnel to accomplish the task.
  • Ensure productions meets standards with the highest level of Quality.
  • Monitor daily production output and quality control, identifying, inefficiencies and taking responsive and corrective actions where necessary in all aspect on the production floor.
  • Maintain quality standards on all products to ensure manufacturing with zero defect methodology.
  • Studies and understands production schedule and deploys available labor and other resources, as required.
  • To study line improvement process, methods, and countermeasures to be taken when there is issue related to process bottleneck.
  • Work with Production Manager and make contributions on all aspects of Production responsibilities department planning and development related to his/her own section.
  • Ensure that sufficient parts and supplies are on hand to meet all production need.
  • Set up for each activity according to standard operation procedure, Work Instruction etc.
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  • Spot checks product quality and ensures specifications are being met and quality procedures are being followed.
  • Recommends measures to improve safety, production methods, equipment performance, quality of product, and reduction of waste.
  • Suggests changes in procedures, labor utilization, use of equipment, and materials to increase efficiency of plant, shift, department or work cell.
  • Initiates or suggests plans to motivate employees to achieve work goals.
  • Use work measurement techniques like Time Study, work sampling to establish standard time.
  • Investigate rejects or complaints of materials and take remedial action analytically with Engineering and Quality Assurance.
  • Train new employees on how to safely use machinery and follow procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Production Manager.

Training & Development

  • Attended training workshops on warehouse management and transport management systems 
  • Participated in training seminars on project risk management
  • Attended training programs on leadership, time management
  • Attended workshop on effective on job training in company program
  • Participated in a training session on effective teams contribute to a successful organizations 
  • Completed advanced product quality planning training
  • Undergone training on operations planning and control
  • Participated in coaching and count selling training program
  • Attended awareness training on ISO 9001: 2000 & ISO 14001:1997 
  • Completed training on Internal Quality and Audits 


Educational Credentials

  • Executive Diploma Supply Chain Management
  • University Utara Malaysia
  • Merit 
  • CGPA : 3.40/3.50 ( 2003~2007)


  • Diploma In Electrical & Electronics Engineering Studies, 
  • Midas Institute, 
  • CGPA: 3.30/3.50  (1992~1995) 


  • SPM, Sek Men Seri Mahawangsa
  •  (Ministry of Education ) (1986)


Personal Details

  • Date of Birth: 30th Sept 1969 
  • Race : Indian
  • Language Proficiency:  English, Malay, Tamil 
  • Computer Skills: MS Office (Word, Excel- Advanced & intermediate, Power point), MS Project, & MS Access

My Achieved Professionally

  • Support encourages and develop team
  • Proactively contribute to creating a good team atmosphere
  • Anticipates and overcomes obstacles
  • Makes useful links to arrive at insightful plans and solutions
  • Embraces personal challenge
  • Confident, rounded thinking 
  • Self starter and able to motivate others 
  • Self  motivated, flexible and works well under pressure


About my self : I am Subramanian, you may call Subra. My wife as a teacher, I have 2 kids were studying and I taking care old age parents.

I am qualified in Engineering field and Supply Chain Management. 

I hope with an experience what I am have.

I can fulfill the job as a team player, hard work, problem solving, work independently at work place. 

I can work weekends and never late to come.


  • I am a leader with a proven result ability to meet deadlines
  • I am problem solver, quick learner.
  • I am a great team leader and team player.
  • I work well with others, prompt and always pay attention to details.
  • I really appreciate hard work.
  • I am never late, hard work.
  • I can work weekends, able to work independently.


 My greatest achievement to the company


  • Re organized something to make it work better
  • Identified a problem and solve it
  • Come up with a new idea that improved things
  • Develop or implemented new procedures or system 
  • Work on special project
  • Save money for the company
  • Save time for the company




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