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Seeking a shore-based opportunities as a Marine Trainee Pilot with a growth-oriented company like yours that offers a positive career development to leverage my competency, abilities, and skills for achieving positive organizational outcomes.



Programme :Diploma in Nautical Studies (DNS 14)

Institution    :Malaysian Maritime Academy, Melaka. 


Programme  :Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Institution     :Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka


Programme :Higher Secondary

School             :SMK Adela, Kota Tinggi, Johor.



SECOND OFFICER Sapura Energy Berhad

Nov 2016-Present

•  In-charge of navigational watch, radio communications and cargo operation during performing watch duties.

•  Prepare the chart ship’s passage plans for the intended voyage and keeping nautical charts and publication up to date.

•  Responsible of checking the functionality of GMDSS and all the navigational equipment is in working order as per the given performance standards.

•  Performed periodical inspections as per PMS of all fire and saving appliances gears aboard.

•  Engaged and experienced with various procedures and safety in offshore MPSV and AHTS operations including running cargo supply, anchor handling (deployment, retrieval), towing & FPSO hose handling.



Marine Operation Supervisor 

Smart Work Co-ordinating Sdn Bhd

Nov 2016- Dec 16

•  Short term project for breakwater construction at Kuantan Port.

•  Develop logistic schedules, assigning and monitoring for operational of 11 tugboats and barges.

•  Prepare necessary paperwork and providing progress reports and activity updates to the management.               

•  Monitor and supervise loading and discharging cargoes operations (armour rock).



Training/Third Officer

Dec 2015-Nov 2016

•  Assist senior deck officer in ensuring vessel were prepared for each task.                                         

•  Assist and ensure safe cargo operation and carrying out all assigned duties in a timely manner.               

•  Assist senior officer on watch, cargo operation, berthing, unberthing and perform daily works.

•  Perform maintenance duties, including periodical inspection and repair of all ship’s safety gear.



Deck Cadet Perdana Petroleum Bhd

Jan 2013- Apr 2014

•  Performed shipboard training to understudy the ship’s deck officers duties and as part of the team that handles the daily operations and efficient running of the ship.

•  Familiarize and exposed with the scope of work related to OSV operations including had participated in anchor handling, towing and FPSO hose handling operations.

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