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My name is Nigel Lee and I am 21 years old. Currently I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Data Science at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.  So what really got me into the data science field is that I noticed I like handling data such as data cleaning or gaining insights through data analysis. I would like to seek an internship opportunity so that I can apply the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in my studies, as well as gaining some tremendous experience in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and data analytics in your company.


Currently I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Data Science at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. During my studies, I have completed numerous assignments revolving around building machine learning models, sentiment analysis, building chatbots and gaining business insights from databases. Through these assignments, I have gained in-depth experience with different programming languages and tools such as python, java, tableau, etc.


I was an System Engineer Intern at Exabytes Malaysia from February 2020 - May 2020. During my internship with Exabytes Malaysia, I was responsible for adding and updating knowledge base support articles with the latest solutions and steps clearly and checked the data center daily to ensure the room is at the right temperature and everything is operating. While waiting for my SPM results and during Diploma studies, I work as a part timer in Ah Soon Mah Cafe from Dec 2017 - Jan 2020. I  recommended dishes to the customers and provided excellent customer service during peak hours during my shift and performed shift duties like delivering cutlery and kitchen utensils as a waiter. I also  performed various cleaning, basic food preparation, and stocking duties in the kitchen during my shift as a kitchen helper.


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Currently I am seeking for internship placement related to data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. I will be having my industrial training from 17 Jan 2022 - 3 July 2022 

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