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    2 weeks ago

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    We are looking for FIELD ENGINEER (TANKAGE) to work in Pasir Gudang for a Biorefinery project.


    1. Oversee the planning, scheduling, and execution of tank construction and maintenance projects.
    2. Review and contribute to the design of storage tanks, ensuring adherence to safety standards and specifications.
    3. Supervise the installation and construction of storage tanks, conducting inspections to ensure quality and compliance.
    4. Implement and enforce quality assurance programs to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.
    5. Develop and implement safety procedures and guidelines for tank operations, ensuring environmental compliance.
    6. Conduct risk assessments for tank installations and operations, implementing mitigation measures.
    7. Oversee routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs of storage tanks to prolong operational life.
    8. Maintain accurate records of tank-related activities and prepare reports for management.
    9. Manage budgets for tank construction and maintenance projects, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
    10. Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, including engineers and contractors, to achieve project goals.
    11. Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to tank construction, maintenance, and operations.


    1. Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a related field.
    2. Proven experience in tank construction, maintenance, or related field.
    3. Knowledge of relevant codes, standards, and regulations.
    4. Strong project management and organizational skills.
    5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    6. Commitment to safety, environmental compliance, and quality assurance.
    7. Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team.